Flamengo V Nautico Betting Preview



Date: Sunday second August 2009 at 4.00pm (neighborhood time) 

Setting: Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho (MARACANA),in Rio de Janeiro. 


Fla are no world blenders at this moment however are situated decently in tenth which sets them up pleasantly ufabet 656to begin pushing for that pined for top 6 completion. At the hour of composing they are yet to play pioneers, Atletico MG on Thursday night yet honestly that is coincidentally and has no immediate relationship with this game, spare a physical issue to a central participant.

2 games prior Flamengo took to the Sao Paulo thruway and made it exceptionally advantageous by robbing Santos 1-2, taking full focuses back to the stream (Rio). It’s fairly advising that Santos did likewise to Nautico a day or two ago.

Flamengo have nothing to fear today and it ought to be a lethargic Sunday evening at Maracana. 


We are not yet at the turn of the 2009 season and Nautico are as of now solid possibility to play sea shore football one year from now (downgrade to Serie B). 11 jackasses on the sea shore sounds about right to me – by the manner in which I’m completely qualified for fire polemics just like a normal paying client at the Aflitos turnstyles.

There was a beam of expectation 2 games back when Nautico crossed the city to play Sport getting a 3-3 attract a spine chiller, they started to lead the pack twice, surrendered the multiple times!