Memories Triggered by Hypnotism

It was the subject of a documentary on the National Geographic channel titled Back from the Dead that alerted me to the power of hypnotism. In an attempt to reproduce an out-of-body (OOB) experience, which the researcher needed to understand the spiritual side of the experience, he subjected himself to an injection of a substance from the ‘magic mushroom’, which is a hallucination drug. At the same time, he underwent an MRI to see the effect it had on the brain.

What he noted was the euphoria that people often describe having while undergoing an OOB. It included seeing a white light and a beautiful scenery, and so forth. What it also did was show the lack of oxygen to the brain at the same time. His memory of earlier times was also greatly enhanced. This corresponded to the memory of another OOB experience reported by a man of similar age.

In the latter case he could recall being a baby and how he held onto his mother’s fingers to take his first steps. These are the memories I also retain without any interference to my brain or taking any drugs. My reincarnation is part of that time as it brought me back with a different language to my parents and a strong connection to the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God.

To explain how well I remember things of my baby-hood my mother was shocked when I described the flat we lived in before moving to my grandmother’s place. She gazed at me in disbelief as she announced that I couldn’t possibly know that as I was only 3 weeks old when we moved. The fact are, however, that my entire first year is fresh as is my last death and the vision given to me between lives of this one to come.

As a man in my last life and a female in this one my message is clear. Religions that promote false gods and places like heaven and hell have done enormous damage to the human psyche. Children who are best qualified to speak of past lives are usually silenced when they try to do so. The look on my mother’s face at my revelation was a warning that the world was not ready to receive the information given to me.

The Spirit also alerted me to wait because the age of 45 would be a special time when my work would commence. At that time, it came on me with a commission to remove the wall of ignorance and bring in the harvest. The visions and other things shown to me since are part of it and they have occurred when fully awake and without any hypnotism or drugs.