Tips for Creating an Effective Email Campaign

Email marketing campaigns continue to be among the most successful ways of communicating with potential clients. Undoubtedly, they have served as a distinct and reliable method of boosting businesses. In fact, most businesses today are using email marketing as part of their integrated marketing campaigns. sbcglobal email

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing employs the convenience and speed of one-to-one communication with each business prospect. It is one of the safest and quickest methods of delivering important messages, updates and promotions to people who willingly choose to be part of your mailing list. To start off, there are a few questions you should consider, such as

• What do you know about your customers?

• Why would you want to read their emails?

• How much time will it take for them to view your email and take the desired action?

• Are your users’ early risers or night owls?

All these questions help frame the foundation of a strong and long-term email marketing campaign.

Know Your Target Audience

Prior to even thinking about initiating an email campaign, you should have a clear understanding of your target audience. You can take as much time as you need for research to ensure you are doing it right. Without this, your likelihood of success will decrease over time. For knowing your audience, you have to research about their age, gender, location, lifestyle and other attributes, such as activities and interests.

After thoroughly researching the kind of tone and speech you should adopt for your email marketing campaign, you can…

… Follow the Guidelines

It is your responsibility to be aware and comprehend the “spam” laws for a particular country. At all times, check the laws pertaining to spam in your country and in case you are emailing customers in Canada and the US, you will need to abide by the rules set to prevent spamming. So, how to avoid spamming?

• Target your campaign to only those people who have given you their email IDs willingly

• Every email should have a link to an easy unsubscribe

• A physical address must be included

• In case a user has unsubscribed, make sure you don’t mail them again

• Be wary of selling or buying email addresses

By educating yourself and finding a trustworthy email service provider, you can create an effective email campaign that will best serve your business’ needs.

Set Clear Objectives

As you create your first email campaign, determine in your mind why you are communicating with your clients. Here are a few questions to ask:

• Are your emails sent for educating users? Promoting a product or announcing discounts?

• Have you offered a clear CTA for the audience?

• Do you have any preferred analytical tools to measure the performance of your campaign?

Setting clear objectives and the methods you will use to measure the results of a campaign will help you monitor the results of your campaign.

Find and Use Viable and Relevant Data

In case you have an email list ready for starting your marketing campaign, you should make sure that you have the most precise list. Guarantee that you clip your list to flush out erroneous data and re-engage inactive emails.

Support Opt-Ins

For building every fresh mailing list, include something that encourages people to sign up on their own. Here’s a few ways of integrating this element in your campaign:

• Provide a sign-up feature on your home page.

• Flaunt a sign-up form on every web page or post.

• Provide giveaways in the form of books, video or audio for triggering signups.

• Customized confirmations and ‘thank you’ emails make the users feel welcomed and can result in referrals

Create a Spot-On Marketing Campaign

Reflecting your objectives, arrange a campaign that entails standard and personalized elements. A few things to take note of are:

• Opt-out links must be evident

• Modify your email templates for fitting your business branding.

• Track your campaign

• Make use of auto-responder scheduling

Draft Effective Emails

When you have a clear understanding of your business branding, you will be able to set clear-cut objectives that can be highlighted in your email or sequence of emails. When creating emails, place emphasis on coming up with catchy and informative copy.

• The most priority should be given to your subject line, as it accounts for 80% of the campaign’s success. An attention grabbing as well as benefit driven subject lures users to pay attention to your email message.

• With a proportionate text-to-graphic ratio, you can catch the attention of prospective clients who may be attracted to your graphics. However, don’t over-do the use of images or graphics as the main goal is to convert users, not provide them entertainment.

• Integrate just one obvious and well placed call to action. More than one CTAs can confuse the audience and they may decide not to take any action.

• Your address, an unsubscribe link and your logo must be present in the mail.