Tiger Rice Cooker Reviews

Tiger Rice Cookers are some of the best known appliances of their type on the market, and have shown themselves again and again to do well in consumer rice cooker reviews. People love the retractable cords and sleek space-saving cooker design. They praise the removable  https://www.findricecooker.com/inner cook pot. What no one seems to be doing is saying bad things about Tiger Rice Cookers, which leads one to think that there aren’t many bad points to be considered.

My sister-in-law bought a JNP rice cooker about a year ago, and she has nothing but good things to say. She even uses it for steaming vegetables and fish. She liked her JNP so much, she got her mom a Tiger Soft Touch rice cooker for Christmas, and now they are like kids in a candy store, exchanging recipes and ideas for new things to try. My thinking is that I like to eat and fluffy rice is the best way to serve it.

And no rice cooker reviews would be complete without mentioning the Tiger JAG rice cookers. Those microcomputer controlled units are not only stylish to look at, they are state of the art kitchen appliances that uses computer circuits to get it right every time. The digital display is easy to read, and with only a few buttons to press, they are simple enough even for someone who has limited cooking skills, such as myself. In the JAG line, the Tiger JAG-B10 is one of the most popular according to rice cooker reviews I’ve seen online.

Tiger rice cookers do well in reviews because they are solidly made, have few moving parts, and do exactly what they promise. As long as you can use the measuring cup that comes with your Tiger rice cooker, you can make perfect rice, light and fluffy, and never sticky. You’ll even be using your rice cooker to steam fresh vegetables, and may decide you prefer steamed fish and chicken, because it brings out the flavor without drying the meat.

Whether you are a single person, and only need a small 3 cup rice maker, or you are responsible for cooking meals for a large family, Tiger rice cookers can make your work easier, take a lot of trouble out of doing the cooking, and make the after-meal clean-up easier than you ever would have thought possible with a removable non-stick inner pot. Steamed rice, sushi rice, brown rice, and even vegetables and meats are quick and easy to prepare, and don’t forget that most Tiger Rice Cookers are also excellent for making stews and soups as well.