Virtual Telephone Number – How Does It Help Businesses?

For those who are not yet familiar with it, the virtual telephone number is a phone number that is not linked to a directly-associated phone line. This means that when people call up this number they will be directed to a phone line that could be outside the US. It may seem that it’s merely a long-distance call but callers wouldn’t have to pay extra since it is toll free. Wifi SIP Phone

Phone numbers that begin with 800 are virtual telephone numbers. American companies realized that there is a niche in providing various kinds of services to customers with the use of phone calls. Just by dialing a number customers can ask for help with their cable TV, credit cards, bank accounts and other stuff. The customer service industry suddenly experienced a boom when US companies started using the virtual number extensively. Being economical was the primary reason why this technology became famous with most American companies. The trend started to grow when American companies realized that they could save a fortune in long-distance calls and labor costs if they opted to use the virtual phone number.

The emergence of the virtual telephone number gave other English-speaking countries an opportunity for massive profits. Because it was more economical to outsource customer related tasks to other countries a lot of US and European companies delegated these tasks to countries like India and Philippines.

India was the primary country to have used the virtual telephone number extensively. When the call center industry began to rise, India became the melting pot of call center related businesses. Thousands of Europeans and Americans dialed virtual numbers and were directed to India where they were helped out by call center agents based there. Every thing from asking assistance with credit cards to troubleshooting computers, were delegated to call center agents in India.

The technology of the virtual telephone number made callers unaware that they were talking to agents from another country. The quality of the calls gave callers the illusion that they were talking to someone in close proximity. This made callers feel at ease because they thought that they were only making a local call which made them think that they weren’t spending too much.

The technology that is the virtual telephone number opened new doors for companies in the US and Europe and gave new meaning to the term globalization. When use of these numbers started to rise tasks as trivial as administration related were delegated to companies outside western countries. Tasks like making reservations in hotels and airlines were suddenly given to call center agents in India and the Philippines.