What Is THE MYSTERY of Mystery Babylon The Great? – Part 1

Disclosure 17:5 And upon her temple was a name composed, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.


Alright, there we have it, that generally popular and notable refrain of Holy Scripture, yet I’m not catching it’s meaning and what precisely is the MYSTERY?


The majority of us who are sensibly shrewd with the Book of Revelation know without a doubt that the Babylonian Mystery Religion is an immediate reference to The Roman Cult – The Mother of Whores and that The Vatican City State in Rome is current Babylon both truly and profoundly. This incorporates all its Simony, enchantment and witchcraft, its shell game agnostic divinity known as The Trinity and its Transubstantiation devilish horrifying sacrileges, so what I hear you state, where is the puzzle in all that? It’s everything out in the open for all to see, is it not, and that is without referencing   10 เรื่องลี้ลับ  the regular overall information on their endemic pedophilia, pederasty and homosexuality? So on the off chance that it is all out in the open, there is not, at this point a riddle, right???


However The Holy Scriptures plainly express that there is a MYSTERY, so where do we discover and uncover that riddle? Look people, The Lord isn’t a joke artist or a trickster and on the off chance that He says there is a secret required here, at that point we know without a doubt that there is a puzzle. So how would we unwind it? Simple, simply study the word included for example ‘riddle’ for, as is normally the situation, these things will be covered up on display. In addition, would a superior spelling of the word be useful? Along these lines could mistery from whence we get the word ‘sir’ be that better spelling? We will see.


Presently I am no fanatic of historical background but then in certain occurrences we can’t pooh its legitimacy in helping us with the birthplaces of specific words and the word ‘puzzle’ is simply such a word. From the site page “Language Hat” we get a lot of helpful data with respect to the word ‘riddle’. (If you don’t mind note, I have no associations with that page.) The significant proof is that it has Latin roots with the word ‘mysterium’ (well bowl me over with a quill, presently who might have speculated that????? LOL)


“Furthermore, in a word related sense ‘ministerium’ in addition to; OF ‘mistere’ (French metier); OF ‘maistrie’; OF ‘dominance’.”


The second significant proof is that ‘puzzle’ or potentially ‘authority’ is unquestionably connected to exchanges, aptitudes, expressions and creates and, aside from the regular abilities of those occasions, similar to butchery, heating and candle making what other ‘makes’ come effectively to mind? Freemasonic ‘expressions’ and ‘specialties’ perhaps!!!!????